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In the settings tab you will find all possible options of the application:

Pre Amplifier Gain

This option enables the automatic gain function of the BASS library. Activating this option should cause the level of all songs to be almost the same, but no changes will be made to the file. It's only used while playing.
It's possible that you hear a difference in the volume while pre-listening via the monitor because this calculation needs a while.

Silence Level

With this option you define the level of the automatic In- and Out-Point calculation, but only new songs will be calculated at a changed level. The songs that are already loaded will stay on their In- and Out-Points.

Buffer Length

This is an option reduce breaks while playing. Especially on old computers, it could be necessary to increase the buffer to avoid small breaks while playing, it the computer is running on 100% CPU usage.

Use Catalog Cache

With this option, you can reduce the loading time of the catalogs because they are cached in RAM, but on the other hand, you need more RAM. You need about 100 Mega Bytes per 10'000 cached songs. You have to decide if you can wait while loading the catalog from hard disk each time you select one.


The replay option in the general section offers you the possibility to loop the complete waitlist. Normally, a song on the waitlist will be removed after playing. If this option is enabled, the song will be added again at the and of the waitlist.


With this button, you can select a folder. If you want to copy a song from the catalog to this folder, right click the song and use the context menu.


As mentioned before the DJP application supports two different skins ("Day" & "Night"). With this, you can switch the skin. You will see the effect immediately.

Monitor / Player Device

With these two selection boxes, you can choose the right playback device. If you're not sure which device should be selected, simply start a song and choose while playing because you will hear the choice immediately after selecting.

Crossfade Time

By using this slider, you can choose how many seconds are used to cross fade from one song to another. Songs already loaded will not be affected by the change. Only newly loaded songs will take this time.

Cue Play

Normally, the players try to play gapless by calculating CUE In- and Out-Points. If you don't want this, disable the option. Then you will hear the gaps.

Replay Track

This option defines if as song that is played by the monitor will be replayed again after ending automatically.

Play Immediately After Loading

If you double click a song or press the "ENTER" key, the song will be loaded by monitor. If you want to start playing after the loading without pressing the play button, enable this option.

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