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Sometimes it's useful to pre-define playlists of songs that belong together in a specific order. (A friend of mine always plays INXS - Suicide Blond, Simple Minds - Don't You, U2 - Rattle & Ham together in this order). Playlists are used to organize these.

To create a new playlist, press the new button (above "Play this!" in the screenshot). Then enter a name of the playlist:
To fill the playlist with songs, you have to find the song in the catalog and right click it to select the context menu and the name of playlist.

You can't sort the playlist because this would change the order of the songs. To reorganize the order, simply drag & drop the desired songs.

To add the selected songs to the waitlist, again use the list button as described previously.

Of course you can remove a song from a playlist. To do this, select the song and press the "DELETE" key, The song will only be removed from the current playlist!

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