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To control the players, you use the common buttons like play, pause and stop. If you want to pre-listen to a loaded track of the player (even if it's currently being played) press the small button with the headphone symbol. If you want to cross fade to the other player immediately, press the cross fade button (with the two arrows) on the left player. This button is enabled if cross fade is possible. Therefore, another song must be loaded on the other player and the last cross fade process must be finished. You can't skip a current cross fade process.

The position where the song starts and ends is marked with "IN" and "OUT". These positions are calculated automatically by the player during loading. The silence level of the position can be modified in the settings. If you want do define your own In- and Out-positions you can do this on the monitor.

If you want to change the current position while playing, simply click at the desired position on the wave form. Maybe you aren't interested in these things. You just want to play songs and don't want to see any wave forms. In this case, press the button with the wave form symbol on the right player. Afterward, you will see a reduced user interface:
You are still able to control the playing of the songs. Only the wave form is hidden (and detail information like bit rate, quality and so on). The album art of the song is visible instead.

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