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Installation / Start

As mentioned before, there is no setup routine to install the application. Simply start the "DJP.WPFFrontend.exe" and enjoy.

After starting, the application checks the type of the operating system. If it's a 32-Bit based system, the exe loads the 32-Bit BASS libraries from the folder with the same name. Of course, 64-Bit libraries are also used for 64-Bit systems. Nothing will be installed or reconfigured on your system. Only a log file in the bin folder will be created to detect problems if there are any. In this log you will find some basic information like detected playback devices or currently supported audio formats of the BASS libraries.

Next the icons of the user interface are loaded depending on the selected skin. Currently, there are two skins available. Day is based on white and gray. The Night skin uses black, white and midnight blue as primary colors. Maybe I will change the skins in future ...

Every time you start the application a new log file will be created. The name of the file equals the timestamp of the application start.

The application needs only a few seconds to start. Currently there's no startup screen or about box. Simply the main window will be shown. These features will be added soon.

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