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Flow Definitions Of The Application


In the expectations part of this wiki, I expressed that the application is base on even-based components. This means no part of the application knows in which dataflow it is used. Therefore, a different definition of the dataflows is used. You find this definitions within the "DJP.ab3" file (again in bin folder). It's a simple text file but voluminous (about 1'200 lines). To "browse" through the dataflows, it's useful to take a look at my AppBuilder-Project (See: There you will find the AB3.AppDesigner program (open source as well) to analyze the flows. Here's a screenshot of this application with the flow definitions of the DJP application:
the screenshot shows the main flow of the application. That's the top-level flow to collect all parts of the application.

Update (2015-12-04)

Since version 126.00 the follow-up project of AB3.AppBuilder called AD4.AppDesigner (see:] is used to design the flows.

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