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Catalogs can be used to organize your songs. To add a new catalog, simply click on the new catalog button above the "{All Catalogs}" entry or select a folder in the explorer tab and usage of its context menu.

After creating a new catalog and selecting its folder, the catalog is still empty. To synchronize a catalog entry, select the name and use the context menu "Synchronize with file system" entry. Then all entries will updated if necessary. Deleted files will be removed from the catalog. New files will be added. This is don in the background. Therefore, you can "work" with your player during synchronization without any limitations.

The "{All Catalogs}" item is as dummy item. It offers you the possibility to look at all songs of all catalogs in one single list. If you added folders to more than one catalog, you will find the containing songs multiple within this list.

Using catalogs could cause many items to be shown in the catalog list. (I tested it up to 100'000 songs.) To filter these, use the filter textbox as described in the "Explorer" chapter. Now, however, the file name and the tags will be taken to filter including advanced tags like genre and year. For example enter "dance 2013" to find all dance tracks of the year 2013. To improve the performance you have to press the "ENTER" key within the filter textbox to start the filtering.

You can also sort list. In the screenshot shown below you see a sorted list by title ascending. If you want to sort by another tag property, use the arrow buttons to choose. Possible sort-criteria are album, artist, title, year, genre, duration. If you want to sort descending simply click on the "Title" button again. The sort-order is toggled by this.
If you defined a custom In- or Out-Point, you will see the "CUE" icon in the last column of the list.

To add selected songs to the waitlist, click on the list button to the right of the sort buttons or drag & drop it to the right place.

If you find a song that you don't want to keep, then press the "DELETE" key. The selected song will be removed from all catalogs containing it and the file will be sent to the recycle bin.

A song currently being played can't be sent to the recycle bin becaus it's locked! To do this you have to release the file by playing a different song.

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