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Audio File Explorer

The explorer is used to select as song quickly if you know in which folder the file can be found:

The usage is almost the same as windows explorer, except the shown files, because only supported audio files are shown!

Furthermore, you can filter the shown items by the textbox above the explorer area, and you can enter more than one filter keywords! For example if you enter "rock roll" all files will be shown if the file nam contains these two words. It doesn't matter if the filename is like "... Rock & Roll ..." or "rock'n roll". The search isn't case sensitive.

Only the filename will be taken to filter: no tags or anything else. If you want to filter by tag, use the catalogs. Furthermore, only the current folder will be filtered.

If you have found your songs, you can add the selected files by the button on the right side of the filter textbox or simply drag & drop these files to the right place on the waitlist.

If you find a file that yo don't want to keep, press the "DELETE" key. The selected file will be sent to the recylce bin.

A file currently being played can't be sent to the recycle bin because it's locked! To do this you have to release the file (for example by selecting a different file).

Maybe you prefer a different order of the columns. In this case, reorder the columns by drag & drop. The current of the columns is stored for the next application start.

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